The family business BRUMABA

The BRUMABA Core Competence are Specialized, Mobile Operating Tables.

BRUMABA develops, manufactures and distributes operating tables, operating chairs as well as patient transporters and suitable accessories. BRUMABA is managed as a family business in the second generation.

For Optimal Work Ergonomics
and Patient Positioning

BRUMABA customers find operating tables for optimal patient positioning and effortless operation – whether inpatient or outpatient. BRUMABA sees itself as a competent partner for all aspects of ergonomic work and is available for an intensive exchange of experience.

From Practice into Practice

BRUMABA aligns its products in close cooperation with physicians to the most modern medical procedures and offers for various requirements a unique ergonomic table system with highest comfort for surgeon and patient.

Many Medical Disciplines

BRUMABA is specialized in operating tables for maxilliofacial surgery as well as general surgery. Suitable accessories for expansion and individualization according to medical specialties and fields of application can be found for dental, maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology, outpatient surgery/day surgery, ENT, orthopedics, urology, proctology, gynecology, aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology and hair transplantation.

Manufacturing and Distribution

BRUMABA is manufactoring the operating tables, chairs and accessories in its own factory. All products are “Made in Germany”. BRUMABA products are distributed with more than 40 certified distributors in more than 80 countries globally.